Antenatal Classes

Are you due to give birth early 2018? Then our November course is for you!

When? Saturday 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th November, 10am to 1pm

Where? My Midwives, 31 Weston Street Brunswick 3056, Melbourne, Australia

Learn everything you need to know to feel empowered in pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting

The early bird price of $420 is available for those who book 4 weeks prior to the course commencing

Courses are designed for a maximum of six couples (pregnant woman and birth partner)

Course Information

Pregnancy is often a joyous time, however it can also be very challenging. Your body is rapidly undergoing a myriad of physical and emotional changes and the future at times can seem very uncertain. As if that isn’t enough! But the fact that you are pregnant AND going to be giving birth AND becoming a mother can be extremely daunting!

Mindful Beginnings antenatal classes provide participants (pregnant woman and birthing partner) with core skills around coping with pregnancy, managing uncertainty and complications, stages of childbirth and labour pain, breastfeeding, and preparing for parenthood.

Our antenatal course also equip participants with a strong foundation in mindfulness practice, as we believe that mindfulness is essential for anyone who embarks on the journey from planning for conception to parenthood. It’s often difficult to be present, particularly when facing multiple demands and stresses, yet this is what our children need most from us.

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The course is open to women at any stage of pregnancy and we often see women having a second child.

Rebates are available for those with a relevant mental health care plan or private health insurance. Please contact us if you have questions about your eligibility.

Okay, but what does this course actually cover?

We use a mindfulness ‘framework’ to address the following core skills of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting:

  • How to bond with your baby during pregnancy
  • How to develop a daily mindfulness practice to support yourself through change
  • Easy and effective breathing practices to ground, focus and conserve energy in childbirth
  • Using the mind to enable relaxation and softening during labour
  • How to bravely meet physical and mental challenges that arise during pregnancy and labour such as stress, fatigue, anxiety and fear
  • The essential tools for pain management
  • Clear communication strategies for supportive birth partners
  • Clarifying expectations of yourself and your partner
  • Breastfeeding essentials (including mindful breastfeeding)
  • Self care and wellbeing after childbirth
  • Fostering secure attachment with your child
  • Cultivating self-compassion throughout your journey

It’s important that you know…

Mindfulness is not something you can master in a couple of days, nor conquer in a year. It requires a commitment to practice. With commitment you will not be disappointed, as the benefits are wide-ranging and will be noticed for the rest of your life. Due to this, there is an expectation that all course participants commit to practicing mindfulness daily throughout the course and in the weeks following. We start off slow, and full support is provided throughout the course including a range of mindfulness meditations to aid home practice.

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