Antenatal Course

Group Mindful Birthing Day

When? TBA

What time? 11am to 5pm

Where? Thornbury/Geelong/Surf Coast

One-on-one Mindful Birthing Day

When? TBA 

What time? 11am to 5pm

Where? Thornbury/Geelong/Surf Coast

Learn everything you need to know to feel empowered in pregnancy and childbirth

Attend the group antenatal course for $355 (rebates available). Birth partner is free!

Want some additional attention to prepare for birth? Schedule a one-on-one antenatal day!

Course Information

The Mindful Beginnings Antenatal Course does more than prepare you for childbirth. The mindfulness component teaches you skills that will assist you throughout your parenting journey. 

This antenatal course is unique in that it is designed and facilitated by a psychologist. Dr Adrienne Brown specialises in perinatal psychology and mindfulness and, a mother of two herself, is committed to providing people with the right support during this exciting yet uncertain and often challenging time.

By attending this course you will learn how to apply mindfulness to manage the ups and downs of labour.

Mindfulness can assist you to:
  • Sit with uncertainty
  • Ground, focus and conserve energy in childbirth
  • Enable relaxation and softening during labour
  • Manage labour pain
  • Bond with your baby during pregnancy
  • Manage stress, fatigue, anxiety and fear
  • Cope with unmet expectations

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You are welcome to attend…

At any stage of pregnancy – usually second or third trimester

When pregnant for the second, third, or fourth (or fifth!) time – some people want to do things differently next time, and it’s so hard to find time for yourself, your baby and your partner once there is already a little one in your family

Other information about the course…

Courses are designed for a maximum of five couples (pregnant women and birthing partner), thereby allowing a safe and comfortable space for learning and participation

A non-refundable deposit of $100 secures your place in the course and the remaining fee is due one week prior to the course commencing

Rebates are available for those with a relevant mental health care plan or private health insurance. Please contact us with questions about rebates

It’s important that you know…

Mindfulness is not something you can master in a couple of weeks. It requires a commitment to practice. With commitment you will not be disappointed, as the benefits are wide-ranging and will be noticed for the rest of your life. Due to this, there is an expectation that all course participants commit to practicing mindfulness daily throughout the course and in the weeks following. We start off slow, and full support is provided throughout the course including a range of mindfulness meditations to aid home practice.

Register for our next course

Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately there are no group antenatal courses scheduled at the moment. Would you like to be notified of future courses? Or are you interested in a one-on-one mindful birthing day? If so please contact Adrienne to register your interest.

Future Courses

I am currently taking a break from running courses in order to focus more on being a mum. Would you like to be notified when I do schedule another antenatal or parenting course? If so please contact me to register your interest. In the meantime why not check out the therapy page for an alternate support option.

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