About Adrienne

Dr Adrienne Brown

Doctor of Clinical Psychology
AHPRA Registered Psychologist
Registered Circle of Security Parent Facilitator

Founder and Course Facilitator

Mindful Beginnings was established following the birth of my first child when I began to fully realise the benefits of mindfulness practice as a way of managing difficulties that arise in pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. As a mum now to two young girls, I have first-hand experience with some of the challenges (and wonders) inherent in becoming a parent.

As a Clinical Psychologist, my passion centres around supporting others during the perinatal period. In my private practice, I am seeing increasing numbers of women and men during this time, supporting them to manage challenges associated with infertility, preparation for childbirth, adjustment to parenting, and perinatal depression and anxiety. I am a trained practitioner in mindfulness-based therapy and my personal mindfulness practice has evolved from experiences within a variety of disciplines including yoga, meditation and the study of Tibetan Buddhism. My daughters are my mindfulness gurus ­čÖé

The antenatal classes aim to provide much more than a grounding in mindfulness practice. Course content is informed by my professional training and practice as well as my personal experience. My aim is to empower participants to get the most out of this special time, which means equipping them with the skills to manage pregnancy symptoms, cope with uncertainty and unmet expectations, feel confident in coping with stress, anxiety, fear and labour pain, and understand the powerful role of the mind in labour. Fathers and birth partners are also provided guidance on how to support the birthing woman during labour.

The parenting workshop is open to anyone wanting guidance around parenting. It assumes that most parents want to nurture their children in a way that enables them to grow up being socially and emotionally secure. It focuses on self care and emotional wellbeing, making sense of your past, knowing what your child needs from you, understanding developmental impacts on behaviour, establishing clear communication patterns with your partner, and self-compassion.

You can find information about my services for individuals and professional training here.

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